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Achilles Paradise Map

Agia Marina beach, Chania: A big coastal zone of sand and crystal clear water, which is by itself one of the biggest sights in West Crete.

Achilles Paradise hotel is in a short distance from the famous Agia Marina beach, Chania. Agia Marina beach is undoubtedly the center of all activities in this beautiful destination of West Crete. With fine, golden sand in a length of more than two kilometers, and crystal clear water, Agia Marina beach attracts visitors literally from every corner of the planet.

A characteristic of Agia Marina beach, which is common among many beautiful beaches in Chania region, is the rich vegetation, with pine trees growing in the sand, and in some cases very close to the sea!

Agia Marina beach, Chania - one of the most organized beaches in Crete

The amenities for visitors in Agia Marina beach will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Either families with children or friends traveling together can easily find everything they need for happy, trouble-free holidays. Especially for children, the shallow, warm water in many parts of the beach is totally safe.

Apart from swimming, Agia Marina beach also offers a variety of water sports: from beach volley, to jet-ski and beach parachute, you will find all the water sports you can think of.

Around the beach, the incomparable amenities for travelers in Agia Marina, Chania, are literally a stone’s throw away: Either you need a store or mini market to buy something, or you want to find a nice tavern or fish tavern to eat out, or you look for a beach bar or café by the sea to spend your free time nicely, in Agia Marina beach you will find all of these, and even more, in great variety!

Agia Marina beach, Chania - the islet of Agii Theodori or Thodorou

Opposite of the beach of Agia Marina there is an islet with a strange elongated shape and a big cave in its western side. This is the islet of Agii Thodori or Thodorou, as the locals call it. In the endless hours you will spend relaxing in the beautiful Agia Marina beach, the view to Thodorou will pleasurably accompany you.

Thodorou islet has connected its history to the history of the whole area and that of Agia Marina beach through the centuries. During the Venetian era, on the islet there was the chapel of Agii Theodori, whilst the Venetians built here the homonym castle of Agios Theodoros. These two monuments gave their name to the islet. The castle of Agios Theodoros, one of the most renowned Venetian castles in Chania region, had the role of protecting the area west of Chania city from the pirates and from foreign occupation.

Today, as you can see from Agia Marina beach, Chania, the castle has been totally destroyed. But Thodorou islet is still full of life, although its residents nowadays are not the guards of the Venetian castle: Thodorou is home to an important population of the protected wild goats of Crete, the famous kri-kri. The whole of the islet is protected for its flora and fauna, and if you are lucky, and you have your binoculars handy, you can manage to see from Agia Marina beach a shy, but playful kri-kri coming out of the vegetation of the islet!

Agia Marina beach, Chania, is famous all over Crete. If you like sea, sun and trouble-free holidays in a place capable to provide all the amenities you might imagine, Achilles Paradise and Agia Marina, Chania, and its magnificent beach await you!