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Therisso Gorge

Therisso Gorge: Even if not so well known as the famous Samaria Gorge, Therisso Gorge is an impressive creation of nature very close to Chania city.

Therisso Gorge is located in the area of the picturesque Therisso village, which is in a distance of only 15 kilometers from Chania city. A big advantage of the gorge is that it is easily accessible in its greater part, as the well paved road leading from Chania city to Therisso village passes through the gorge.

Therisso Gorge is characterized by amazing natural beauty. When passing through the gorge, we can also visit the beautiful village of Therisso, a small picturesque village, which had an active role in the struggle for the independence of Crete from the Ottomans and its reunion with Greece. It was here that the historical Therisso Revolution took place in the beginning of the 20th century.

Therisso Gorge and its magnificent natural environment

Therisso Gorge starts about six kilometers north of Therisso village, and it continues for several kilometers to the south of the village, along the road that leads to the small village Zourva. The first part of the gorge - the northern one, before we get to Therisso village - is the most easily accessible, as the central road from Chania city to the village passes through the gorge. Near the northern entrance of the gorge, you can find a beautiful old stone bridge, the “kamara”, as it is called by the locals.

The second part of the Therisso Gorge - the southern one, after Therisso village - is about eight kilometers long and is also accessible by a paved road, which however has some sharp bends. The second part of the gorge, even if it’s not as easily accessible as the first, is considered the most picturesque one.

Therisso Gorge and rock climbers

If you like rock climbing, you possibly already know Therisso Gorge. The gorge, which lies on the foot of the White Mountains (“Lefka Ori”) of Crete, has steep slopes, which are a magnet for rock climbers from all over the world.

Many times, the visitors of Therisso Gorge are witnessing a strange sight: the famous, “shy” wild goats of Crete, the well known “Kri-Kri”, leaving temporarily the steep slopes of the gorge, after seeing the experienced rock climbers getting close to the slopes they rightfully consider their own!

An excellent climbing route, considered one of the best in Europe, is the route from Therisso Gorge to Pachnes, the highest summit of the White Mountains. Pachnes are located on an altitude of 2.450 meters and the view during the whole ascent is simply breathtaking!

Therisso Gorge is not one of the most known sights in Crete and you have to search for it in travel guides to find it. The main reason for this is the famous Samaria Gorge, the biggest gorge in Europe, which is located in Southwest Crete, in a distance of about 45 kilometers from Chania city, which is far more heavily promoted as a tour. However, if you want to see an impressive gorge of Crete, which is very close to Chania city, and without having to dedicate a whole day to do so, combining at the same time your tour with eating out in one of the excellent taverns in the area, Therisso Gorge is a destination in Chania you should not miss.