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Holidays in Agia Marina, Chania

Holidays in Agia Marina, Chania: Meet the center of fun and nightlife in West Crete

Holidays in Agia Marina, Chania, is for many holiday makers to Crete the main reason for traveling to the island. Agia Marina is famous all over the island for its variety of fun activities and for its nightlife during the summer months.

Apart from its nightlife, Agia Marina, Chania, as one of the most known resorts in West Crete, is famous for the comfortable and pleasurable holidays that it offers. The amenities for travelers in this relatively small village are impressive: taverns and restaurants, cafés of all types, bars and beach bars, mini markets, banks, pharmacies, recreational areas and playgrounds are all located in a short distance in Agia Marina.

Holidays in Agia Marina, Chania - the unknown Agia Marina

Before Agia Marina becomes the renowned resort of today, it used to be a small coastal village west of Chania city. Its few residents were mainly occupied with agriculture and fishing, as in most of the small villages in Crete. In the area the amenities were very few, and in order to cover many of their needs, the residents had to go to the nearby Chania city.

However, the rapid development of tourism in Chania changed all that: As Agia Marina has some of the best beaches in West Crete, which are also in a distance of a few kilometers from Chania city, it very quickly became a favorable place for holidays for many visitors to Crete.

One led to another, and gradually all of the amenities for travelers, that today impress the visitors, were created. We can say that Agia Marina is at the same time one of the most organized resorts in Crete and one of the most favorable destinations for holidays in the island.

Today, the permanent residents of Agia Marina are much more, in relation to the old, traditional village. But even today the residents of the village during the summer holidays are much-much more, due to the great number of holiday-makers.

When you find yourself in Agia Marina, Chania as a visitor for your holidays, what you see is essentially the so-called “Kato Agia Marina”, or Lower Agia Marina, the coastal settlement of the village. We warmly suggest you also visit the so-called “Ano Agia Marina”, or Upper Agia Marina, which is the settlement of the village that is located on the high hills south of the beach, where you will meet the other, more traditional side of Agia Marina. And while you are there, don’t lose the chance to try some of the traditional Cretan recipes in one of the excellent taverns of the village.

Holidays in Agia Marina, Chania - the center of fun activities in West Crete

In both the day and the night, and during all the summer holidays period, fun in Agia Marina is always present.

In noon, people gather for swimming in the many known beach bars and restaurants in the area. The great variety of choices for entertainment, but also the great number of different people making their holidays in Agia Marina, Chania, means that no matter if you are a group of friends or a family with children, you will find something that fits your style of entertainment.

In the night, the lights in Agia Marina don’t go out. The well known bars and night clubs in the area, famous all ovr Crete, are full of both holiday makers and locals. Everyone who has experienced the famous nightlife of Agia Marina has nothing but good things to say about this distinct destination in West Crete.

Holidays in Agia Marina, Chania, is a one of a kind experience for the visitors who will decide to explore that part of Crete. The magnificent beach of Agia Marina, the sights and the beauty of the nearby Chania city, and the famous nightlife in the area, make many visitors to Crete come back again and again for holidays in Agia Marina.