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Souda Town

Souda town: The town that has connected its history to that of the big Souda Port, is a wonderful place near Chania city to visit.

Souda town, one of the biggest towns to the east of Chania city, is the characteristic settlement that lies near Souda Port, the biggest port in West Crete, which serves Chania city.

Souda town is located in one of the best areas in Chania region: On the deepest point of Souda Bay, the better protected from the winds bay in the Mediterranean Sea, which is distinguished for its natural environment.

The history of Souda town

Although the Souda Bay area was inhabited since ancient years, the exact location of today’s Souda town was not inhabited. This had to do with the fact that here used to be salt pits and marshes.

The growing strategic significance of Souda Bay, combined with the advancements in civil engineering in the 19th century, made possible for the first time the creation of a significant settlement at the exact location of today’s Souda town in 1870, when the water in the area was drained.

Although at first Souda village was a relatively small settlement, many things changed in the decades that followed. First it was the liberation of Crete from the Ottoman occupying forces and its reunion with Greece, which resulted in its population growth.

The determining fact, however, was the creation of the big Souda Port in the area. This was the main reason that the village flourished and became the Souda town of today.

The magnificent natural environment of Souda town

A visit in Souda town may not fascinate the visitor at first sight. If you explore the surrounding area, however, you will surely be impressed.

Although swimming in Souda town beach is not recommended, due to the nearby port, the surrounding area offers magnificent view to the wonderful Souda Bay.

One of the best spots to admire the magnificent view in the area of Souda town is just outside the town, on the road that leads to Chania city following the Souda coastline. There you will find some fine fish taverns serving fresh fish, which are ideal to relax by the sea, watching the landscape that is formed by the blue water and the green surroundings of the magnificent Souda Bay.

Souda town, for many visitors that come to Chania by ship, is a point of debarkation to the island, due to its big port. For the visitors that want to see something different, however, Souda town has a hidden charm for the traveler that will look for and find it.